Friday, June 10, 2011

Better Luck Tomorrow

Guitarist Tyler Buske just couldn't believe his band Better Luck Tomorrow received a spot on this year’s Warped Tour.
“He was like ‘until they post it, I don’t believe you,’” singer Jack Coley said. “But he came around.”
Buske and Coley along with their bandmates drummer Justin Kutza, bassist Evan Amos and guitarist Sean Harris are taking their refreshingly optimistic pop-punk to the Ernie Ball stage at the AT&T Center on June 26.
The band, whose current incarnation has been playing together since May of last year, play a brand of pop-punk that infects listeners with an urge to stage dive in the vein of Four Year Strong and the Wonder Years. Coley’s lyrics, chock full of enough optimism to cure the common music lover of a lifetime’s full of achey breaky lyrics, compliment the outfit’s upbeat melodies and their harder sounding overtones. Buske and Harris’ riveting (and sometimes “unnecessarily really fast” according to Buske) riffs paired with Kutza frenetic drumming and Amos’ always on par bass lines strike fear into lesser bands everywhere.
Buske and Coley, self-confessed “task masters” of the outfit, had a vision for the band and were determined to create music the way they wanted.
“I used to always go to ska shows and punk shows and I want to play music that I want to hear live,” Buske said. “I just want to have fun playing. All I care about is getting a circle pit, playing a house show, crowd surfing.  That’s all I want to see. When we started the band I would just push it in that direction more and more every time until it was just like ‘no, we’re going to play this.’”
Better Luck Tomorrow is an oddball in the San Antonio hardcore scene but the band feels the scarcity of their genre of music and their positive message are beneficial to them.
“What I’m tiring of hearing,” Coley said, “is everyone bitching about how much their life sucks. What I hope, when people listen to the lyrics and they hear it, a lot of the messages
I talk about are positive stuff. I’ll just quote a song that is going to be released on the EP: “hey look I’m sorry I’m not up here to sing about how much my life sucks because I can’t get laid and my friends don’t want to hang out.”
The EP, which is set to be released today (June 9), features “The Pact,” a song that is the epitome of Better Luck Tomorrow’s positive message and frenzy of music that is the band’s sound. The gang vocals add to the lyrics and reinforce the “got your back” message being portrayed. The riff is a perfect example of Buske‘s and Harris’ mixture of the bouncy and upbeat with the deeper and more robust overtones. The backbone pairing of Amos’ bass and Kutza’s drumming give the one-two punch that will keep the people moving in the pit. Other songs, like the fast paced “We Can Write A Pop Song Too,” would fit in all too well at a house show the band desperately longs to play.
            With an upcoming EP and a spot on one of the summer’s biggest tour, what more could Better Luck Tomorrow ask for?
Apparently for drummer Kutza to show up to practice on time.
“I had to add his roommate on facebook, get the number from his roommate’s facebook, call him, ‘hey where’s Kutza?’ and his roommate was like ‘Oh he’s over here sleeping,’” guitarist Sean Harris said disgruntledly.

To listen to Better Luck Tomorrow go to their Facebook Page.

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June 26th @ Vans Warped Tour 
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