Monday, March 14, 2011

Rise Like Oceans

      You wouldn’t expect the wails that rage from  Sebastian Kiolbassa to come from such a baby faced 18 year old.
            Kiolbassa along with the new solidified line up of Rise Like Oceans - singer Joey Armendariz, guitarists Evan Garrett and Travis Lee, bassist Brandon Benavidez, synth player Jonne Jasso and drummer Chris Reyes- may not seem like the usual metalcore band, but feel right at home onstage.
            The band, which has been in many reincarnations with multiple different names, have found a sound that fits in this scene. The vocals of Armendariz fluctuates between smooth and searing to create the effect that perfectly compliments the guitar playing by Garrett and Lee. Reyes’ drumming and Benavidez’ bass playing not only gives a back bone to the screams of Kiolbassa and the synth and occasional scream by Jasso but play off of each other in more intricate ways then just the breakdowns.
“I think it helps that our sound works in the scene because people here enjoy it, but it hurts because people can think your band isn’t original,” Garrett said.            
            While being original may be a dilemma for them in the San Antonio area, standing out isn’t hard for the members of Rise Like Oceans in their hometown of Natalia. According to the band, it is hard to promote their music within the two hallways of their high school.
“Everyone listens to R&B and hip hop,” Jasso said. “It’s hard trying to get people to listen.”
Another thing that sets Rise Like Oceans apart from the scene is their deep religious undertones to their music. While not wanting to be labeled as a Christian band, (“Just one slip up and you’re screwed,” Armendariz said) their self proclaimed positive message, shows through in numerous ways in their music.
            “If you feel like you have to cuss to be cool,  you’re not cool,” Lee said.
            Rise Like Oceans hopes to take two new songs into the studio next month and use the recording to build their fan base, which has proven to be quite a following at recent shows.
            “We are really excited to go into the studio,” Lee said. “But we can’t talk about it, it’s secret,” he smirks jokingly.
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  1. I have seen this band and I think they are very talented and they are headed to the top. They are amazing singers and musicians. They should be very proud of their progress. I look forward to thier cd hardly can wait. May God continue to bless you..